Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Union Continues to Seek Solutions to Staffing Crisis; Management Continues to Say "No"

Tomorrow, the Union heads back to the bargaining table to fight for better staffing. We have made a number of proposals to address your concerns.  Despite management's refusal to adequately address the issue,  we have modified our proposals in the hopes of getting a deal.

As part of the solution, we had proposed a free charge to be available for unit coverage and support.  When management said "no", we proposed that charge nurses should at least be bargaining unit nurses so they don't have to juggle that assignment with management responsibilities.  Management said they wouldn't increase staff to make that happen, so we proposed making the APCMs bargaining unit nurses.  Relieve them of their management duties so they can provide 100% of their time to patient care.  Again, management has said no.

We will continue to seek creative solutions to the staffing crisis, but management will continue to say "no" until they hear from you!

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