Thursday, April 10, 2014

Progress Made in Bargaining, But Management Still Won't Fix Staffing; Keep the Pressure On!

Significant progress was made at the bargaining table yesterday.  Coming in the first bargaining session since the membership overwhelmingly rejected their proposals, management has withdrawn its proposal to eliminate EIB from the contract, dropped its push to replace HE with mandatory standby, and given up on its plan to add two additional tracked (unpaid) holidays. However, they are still trying to increase the amount of PTO you must use before you can use EIB and they still don't believe staffing is a problem worth serious attention.

The next negotiations session is scheduled for April 25.

Your voice is being heard!  We just need to get a little louder in order to get the fair contract that we and our patients deserve!  It is time to step up our activity!  Over the next two weeks, the Union will be asking for your help sending a message to Management.  It's time to answer the call!

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